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Eleman İlanı

Deniz Eleman sitemize eleman arama ilanı verin. Uygun niteliklerde elemanı hemen bulun!

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5 VIP Jobs

The best solution for your urgent VIP jobs with max exposure to the most qualified employees.
10 days for you to post 5 VIP FEATURED & PRIORITY Jobs lasting 15 days.

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Resume DB Access

Get access to 100 Resumes for 1 month for proactive search of professional staff! Buy once or subscribe on monthly basis.

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10 Job Postings and 50 Resume Views

An efficent mix of Job Posting and proactive Resume search for the best results!
Full integration in the recruitment process.

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Featured Employer

Become a VIP Featured Employer of our website.
Expose your logo on the homepage to attract only professionals.

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Banner Ad

Upload your banner on the website for a week.
Advertise your company with us!

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